CREATION 2009-2010

Captation Professor
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“Maud Le Pladec invites us to a new sensory experience, an immersion into musical matter. PROFESSOR is a choreographic piece directly inspired by Professor Bad Trip, a musical composition of the composer Fausto Romitelli for an electronic ensemble. Following the example of this musical trilogy, this new choreographic production is at the crossroad of the contemporary music, alternative rock and ‘popular’ music. Maud Le Pladec offers to embody what is there behind this original music. The clarity, the rigour of the composition or even the aesthetic seriousness of this music hides in fact « secret doors »: sound saturated, some hypnotic and ritual aspects, a taste for deformity and artificial, hysterical blasting, unbalanced situations… For the interpreters as for the audience, the issue is to be surprised or even emotionally transformed by the exuberance or dramatic force of work. « Do I see what I hear ? Do I ear what I see ? »”
By Gilles Amalvi

In June 2010, Maud le Pladec and her creation Professor were awarded the “choreographic revelation prize” by the jury of “Syndicat professionnel de la Critique de Théâtre, Musique et Danse” (the french professional Union of Theatre, Music and Dance Critics). In October 2010, Professor was awarded a special mention by the Jury of Jardins d’Europe, during Idans festival in Istanbul.

  • Concept, choreography: Maud Le Pladec
  • Performers: Julien Gallée Ferré, dancer ; Felix Ott, dancer ; Tom Pauwels, musician
  • Lights: Sylvie Mélis
  • Costumes: Alexandra Bertaut
  • Outside eye: Herman Diephuis
  • General direction: Fabrice Le Fur
  • Light direction: Nicolas Marc
  • Sound direction: Eve-Anne Joalland
  • Thanks: Olivier Renouf (sound), Caroline Ablain (pictures), Julie Pareau (video), Mathieu Montanier, Jérémy Malmasson, Nicolas Couturier and the members of Association Léda.

Production: Association Léda

Coproduction: Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon ; Les Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis ; Théâtre National de Bretagne / Rennes ; Musée de la Danse – CCNRB / Rennes ; Le Triangle / scène conventionnée danse à Rennes ; Centre Chorégraphique National Le Havre – Haute Normandie.

With the support of: Jardin d’Europe / programme de l’Union Européenne, ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (DRAC Bretagne), Région Bretagne, Ville de Rennes, Association Beaumarchais-SACD, ADAMI.